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Love’s Labours Lost?

Sweet in Overdrive

The TSA Blog was just updated with some handy information for all you lovers out in the US.  If you’re wondering what to bring your valentine after that long trip away be sure to check this list first, or you may just show up empty-handed (or worst still, find yourself rummaging through the selection at the open-all-night gas station or convenience store of your choice.) Hint: the excessive cookie lollipop thing above would be a no-go.  Believe me..s/he won’t want it anyway.

Here they are in order of cliché:

Flowers? It’s a love-hate relationship.  OK with damp paper towels a NO-GO in a vase of water.  (Who tries to bring a vase full of water onboard these days? Someone must have tried.)  Now, here’s a tricky one for you TSA..What if the flowers are part of an arrangement mounted on that green foamy damp stuff?  Please advise.

Chocolate? Yes, Yes, oh Yes, Yes, YES! Thank you TSA! Both regular and cream or liquid filled bon-bons are perfectly OK.  Not everyone likes chocolate as much as I do, but — who are those people?

Perfume? Whiffy.  Bottles must be 3.4 ounces and smaller so long as they are in the baggie per the 3-1-1 liquid guidelines.  Nothing says “I Love You” like “Here, darling, you may need this.”  OK, I’ll admit sometimes perfume is nice, but be selective.  Good news..plenty of the quality stuff for sale at the terminal and on-board the aircraft.  You should know which perfume your mate prefers.  Really.  You should.

Gift Baskets?  It’s complicated.  If your gift basket has any kind of lotions oils or perfumes, it’s right back to the 3-1-1 liquid guidelines for you.  I suppose that if your gift basket is full of chocolate that’s ok, but what if it has a stuffed teddy bear inside?  TSA..what about Stuffed Toys?  OK so long as they pass the X-Ray test?  Guess the answer is in the next category.

Wrapped Gifts?  Yeah, sure, why not..except…  You’ve shopped ’till you dropped.  You searched low and high.  You’ve finally found that one item s/he cannot do without.  Now it’s all purdy with ribbons and fancy paper..can you make it through the gate?  The answer is you can put wrapped gifts in your bags, but if any alarms ring or anything prompts additional screening you may have to unwrap that surprise.  Bring extra gift wrap and ribbon just in case..or simplify your life by carrying a folded gift back and some of that fancy gift-paper stuffing.

Extreme-Valentine?  Apparently the TSA has made provisions for people flying in their wedding dress.  Some restrictions apply.  Hey, if love is in the air..more power to you.  I would hope the person wearing the dress doesn’t have the middle seat.

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Thanks TSA for this heads-up for lovers just in time for Valentines Day.  You may want to check the links on your blog, though.  They need mending.

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