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Acro’s Ultralight Seats with New Tablet Table Could Hold and Charge Your Tablet Devices

Acro Aircraft Seating Superlight seat
Acro’s smart seat ‘tablet tray’ can hold a tablet in place, and the seat power outlets can charge the PEDs. Image by Acro.

Flight Chic can reveal that Acro’s ultralight aircraft seats, with new ‘tablet’ tables can also charge PED devices.

Commercial Director, Cameron Allan, of Redhill, Surrey based Acro Aircraft Seating has confirmed to Flight Chic that the seats are fully ready to be wired for the power outlets needed to charge PED devices on board.

“We’ve had a lot of interest around in seat power,” says Allan, “and we’ve built some seats incorporating the hardware — I’d expect one of these enquiries to turn into a confirmed project later this year.”

Being able to hold your tablet on the attractive and practical slim seat tray which Acro has developed is attractive, but being able to charge that same tablet during flight is a significant passenger experience enhancement feature.  Considering the popularity of these devices as individual in-flight entertainment, whether or not there is IFE on board the aircraft, one would expect high passenger demand for chargers fitted on the seats.

The tablet table is the newest introduction of a special feature following Acro’s In Arm Table (IAT) which was a Crystal Cabin Awards finalist at Aircraft Interiors International Expo last year.

Among other features, the IAT table is popular because of its self-cleaning, lightweight and line replaceable features (it can be replaced in less than 60 seconds).

Acro’s seats, though designed to be lightweight, are also robust and comfortable, and can accommodate widths up to 19.3”.  Allan shared with Flight Chic in a recent interview, that the company’s focus is to provide seats which are easy to maintain and light to carry, but that they also place importance on passenger comfort as well as helping airlines’ revenue through cost savings.

The seats Acro makes can be customised to fit an airline’s needs with a variety of width and cushion options, and at the Expo this week they will feature their Ultra XC seat which includes a full 19.3” with in the centre seat and 18.1” inches for window and aisles, ensuring greater personal space for all passengers.  This seat is already being introduced into Airbus A320 aircraft.  As readers will recall, Airbus is promoting an industry standard of 18” width seats as a minimum for long-haul flights.

“As people get larger, broader and taller, they still expect comfort so we have designed the seats with this in mind to ensure comfort – especially on long haul flights,” Says Cameron Allan. “We are very excited to be working to supply a wider and more comfortable seat which will address the needs of passengers. When it comes to flying long haul in economy, an inch or so makes a huge difference.”

While Allan is being understandably reserved about details of everything Acro will reveal at the show, the company will feature the seat with the new tablet tray at their Stand 5E25.   Flight Chic will be stopping by to learn more from Allan, and will be at the Expo to bring you more news throughout the week.

Featured Image of Ultra XC seat supplied by Acro.

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