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UP’s Safety Video Proves they are Totally Ready for Eurovision 2014. Denmark says: Cool. Bring it On.

First, my deepest thanks to Nikos Loukas of Inflightfeed for sharing this link via his Rebel Mouse Newsfeed, which is always fresh and tasty.  Nikos you have totally made my Friday!

This latest Safety Video, from EL AL’s Low-Cost Carrier UP, is now a candidate for the 2014 Cassies (Flight Chic’s own Cabin Safety Video Awards).

The video proves that some airlines are totally ready for Eurovision!

As I watched this utterly amusing (though at some points slightly embarrassing) safety video, I was taken back to the days of my youth.

Days of countless Eurovision contestants singing their hearts out, wearing outfits very similar to those featured in this video; with the exception of the unitards which are clearly an homage to the blue man group.

The lead singer has a good voice, and he sure can manage to sing fast!  The back up singers are very good as well.

It’s got everything needed to win:  humour, colour, a nice beat, and critical safety instructions.  Oh: the critical safety instructions are required to win the Cassies, not Eurovision.

Like most performances on Eurovision, I found myself wincing, laughing and tapping my feet, all at the same time as I watched this totally retro video by UP.

Kudos to the airline for not taking itself too seriously while communicating quite serious information.

For those among you who didn’t grow up on Eurovision, it is a funny old contest and a nice tradition.  Lord knows Denmark is totally psyched about being this year’s host, with the competition starting on May 5.

England is pretty sure they finally have a contender this year, and we wish them well.

Denmark will do its utmost to win, place, or show; and we’re totally bringing out our red and white cross flags to wave at our television. 😉

In this house, we also root for Spain.  Hope you understand GoVisitDenmark.

Israel also has serious contender for the prize.

Sorry, UP.  For the Cassies, you’re now in the competition.  As far as Eurovision goes, Mei Feingold has a much better chance than you do.

Still, thanks for the trip back in time

For those of you in the US going: “Whuh?”  Hey, don’t feel bad–it’s totally a European thing.

But we’re grateful for Eurovision; otherwise the world might never have delighted in ABBA.

Mange Tak, Sverige!  Lycka till i år!

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