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The Ultimate #AvGeek Home is Finally Here!

Thanks to Urban Office Architecture of New York City, #AvGeeks can now have the home of their dreams–inspired by airplane parts.

This luxury home is an architectural masterpiece, modern, spacious, state-of-the-art and flooded in light with lots of sky views.

Frankly, as an #AvGeek and the wife of an architect come painter–#ArchitectureGroupie (Is there such a thing?  There is now!)–I reached many levels of high when I saw this.

It gives whole new meaning to aircraft interiors.

Just look at it!

AVVilla default_1391457213_EXTERIOR1
Aviator’s Villa, Image Urban Office Architecture

This is what the architects had to say:

This project explores the idea of flight as a powerful motivator for architectural darings. The house is designed as a minimal sequence of three primary spaces: the large 30 feet tall living/study and kitchen/dining area and , the cantilevered 40 feet bedroom, and the Library. The house for an airplane pilot (the aviator) is both expressive and simple in its architectural morphology. A series of hidden spaces are tucked between the tow main spaces and are revealed through the monumental circulatory staircase ascending to the bedroom at the top.

A living room to die for:

AVVilla default_1391457248_SITTING-ROOM
Aviator’s Villa, Image Urban Office Architecture

There’s a great library space, which is nice for writers who live with painters who trained as architects. (Hint, Hint–Big Bloke!)

AVVilla default_1391457248_LIBRARY1
Aviator’s Villa, Image Urban Office Architecture

Such an airy about dreaming among the clouds.

AVVilla default_1391457248_BEDROOM-1
Aviator’s Villa, Image Urban Office Architecture

Note the little plane flying overhead.  Nice touch for the rendering.

AVVilla default_1391457248_EXTERIOR4
Aviator’s Villa, Image Urban Office Architecture

Not sure if the house comes with a complimentary BMW, but it probably should.  I’m betting it costs a bundle.

AVVilla default_1391457248_EXTERIOR3
Aviator’s Villa, Image Urban Office Architecture

According to Web Urbanist, who led me to this marvellous discovery, the Aviator’s Villa was designed for a very lucky retired pilot.  I’m betting he did not fly for a Low-Cost Carrier.

Writers and painters don’t exactly make the kind of money it would take to have such a lovely residence tailored to them, unless we got lucky and I published a bestseller at the same time that Big Bloke got a few more galleries to pick up his work.

At least I’ve got all of you wonderful readers; and Danes love his paintings–which is why we’re here.

For now, we must be content with dreaming about having our own Aviator’s Villa, but I’m thinking some Flight Chic readers in the aircraft interiors design field might also get inspired by this spacious mansion.

Make a plane feel like this on the inside, please.  Oh, I think Etihad just did.

You can read my interview with Adam White of Factorydesign on Skift, discussing the Etihad Residence and the Four Season’s Jet.  White explains how all these luxury products on aircraft could translate into a better cabin experience for everyone.

I have to say that living in this Aviator’s Villa, I might be tempted to stay home more often working on that bestseller.

Who am I kidding?  I’d miss those clouds, even in crowded conditions.


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