Icelandair Cabin Safety Video Is A Natural Beauty

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Iceland’s natural wonders take the leading role in Icelandair’s new Cabin Safety Video, which inspires at the same time it informs.

When you’ve got as many natural wonders as the Nordic gods packed into this treasured island, it makes sense to leave the aircraft cabin behind and capitalise on the great outdoors for such a production.

Icelandair have done a very clever thing here by capturing the attention of their passengers with a peek of the magic that awaits them on arrival (and a pleasant reminder of their adventures on the return).

Have a look for yourself.  It ticks all the cabin safety boxes, and does a nice job for Icelandic tourism at the same time:

Many thanks to Samantha Shankman at Skift for the heads-up on this latest entry for the 2014 Cassies.

With its unique approach to the often ignored cabin safety announcement, Icelandair is definitely a top contender.


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