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Ready for Summer? Here are the FAA’s Top 5 Travel Tips and One Major No-No

The FAA encourages passengers to take an active role in aviation safety when they fly this summer.  Here are the Top 5 Travel Tips and One Major No-No:

1. Pay attention to the flight attendant safety briefing at the beginning of your flight and read the safety briefing card.  It could save your life in an emergency.  

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2. Check with your airline to see when you can use Portable Electronic Devices (PEDs).

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3. Prevent in-flight injuries by following your airline’s carry-on bag restrictions.  

This is also a good idea if you want to avoid having your picture show up on Twitter #carryonshame–like this person who appears not-so-ready for her summer holiday:

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4. Buckle up.  Keep yourself and your family safe by wearing a seatbelt at all times while seated.

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5. Use an approved child safety seat or device if your child weighs less than 40 pounds.

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The Major No-No from the FAA blew my mind.  Frankly, I can’t understand why people don’t know this already.  Fireworks and Flying do not mix.

Featured Image: Summer Vacation via Pixabay


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