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Attn: LEGO Onebrick Proves A Good Aviation Alliance Is Its Own Reward

The LEGO Pilot is no longer alone in the LEGO skies.  Neither is LEGO ATC, or Miss LEGO Pilot, or any of the other remarkable real-life aviation professionals who share their adventures and insights with the rest of us on Social Media.

The Onebrick Alliance @OneBrickGroup is the brain-child of The LEGO Pilot and has come together to represent all aviation professionals who prove that, though it is a small world after all, it is a marvellous one!

Meet the crew:

The LEGO Pilot while Chillaxing.  In an excerpt of the Skift interview which didn’t make it to press, The LEGO Pilot told me that he likes to relax in “Covent Garden or somewhere by the River Thames, like Southbank!” That his favourite Pub Food is Steak & Ale Pie with mash and veg, and that he has sadly never yet enjoyed Pølse Mix with Kerry Ketchup or chopped onions or remoulade. (Cue Danes gasping somewhere near Billund.)

Miss LEGO Pilot describes herself as a “Student pilot, pharmacist, travel addict, lover of the outdoors and singer.”  Multi-talented lady!

The LEGO Controller says he’s dedicated to: “Bringing people together by keeping planes apart.”  Nice!  Thanks for that, by the way.  What do you think of the El Prat Go-Round?

The LEGO Rampie helps to keep things running smoothly, and seems to be not only exceptionally professional but also pretty chipper.  He indicates he’s: “Pushing and pulling planes around in a mini world, often dreaming of being in the position of ” Adding: “!”

Mr. LEGO Pilot is in flight school, and shares “The adventures of a lego student pilot who is learning to fly and exploring the joy of flying and legography and lego,” on Twitter.

And The LEGO Airline, FlyLego, is the first official carrier of the Onebrick Alliance.  No doubt this will be to its competitive advantage.  I do wonder..are they flagship or LCC?

Yes, I confess, I am a LEGO Geek..and darned proud of it!  I don’t think my residency in Denmark hinges on my being a fan of my neighbours in Billund, but it can’t hurt.  Fact is, I’ve loved LEGO forevers!

What these true devotees of LEGO and Aviation have done is make the realities of every-day aviation exciting and fun again.  They inspire our child-like wonder at the marvels of flight–and should receive many many miles of rewards from the AvGeek community, aviation at large, and just about everyone else..whether or not you’re nuts for LEGO.  Creativity is the very essence of life.

Give them a Follow why dontcha?!  And if you’re an Adult Fan of LEGO (AFOL as the LEGO company officially names these groups) who just happens to be in there’s a whole Alliance waiting for you to join!  (As far as I know, there are no extensive audits, major rebranding initiatives, new airplanes to buy, premium lounges to build or heavy membership dues required.)

You can also Like the OneBrick Alliance on Facebook and they’re on Instagram as OneBrickGroup.

Featured Image: The LEGO Airline FlyLego via Onebrick Alliance on Facebook

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