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Boeing Reveals Plans for 777X Cabin Interiors

At the Farnborough Airshow, Boeing has announced the features of its 777X cabin which the aircraft manufacturer says will further enhance the passenger experience onboard the aircraft.  Boeing placed emphasis on generating a feeling of spaciousness, a claim Airbus also makes for its new generation interiors cabins.

“With key development ahead, the 777X will incorporate state-of-the art interior design and technologies,” said Dennis Eng, director, 777X Interiors. “The 777X will redefine the total passenger experience. All of the interior features we are exploring and designing into the new airplane are working together as a package to create an exciting new passenger experience.”

Boeing claims to build on the interior of the existing 777 and apply 787 Dreamliner cabin innovations on the 777X providing greater comfort for passengers and “enhanced flexibility for airlines.”

“Boeing has always been committed to exploration and research that leads to the right innovations needed to deliver a superior passenger experience. That commitment has established Boeing as the industry leader in interiors and will extend to the 777X,” said Bob Feldmann, vice president and general manager, 777X Program. “We’re already getting very positive feedback from our customers about the 777X’s design concepts, and we think passengers’ preference for the 777-300ER and 787 will continue with the 777X.”

777X Interior Renderings
777X Interior Cabin Renderings/Boeing

The 777X interior will feature:

  • A cabin altitude of 6,000 feet – comparable to the 787 Dreamliner
  • Windows that are more than 15 percent larger than the competition and located higher on the fuselage so they’re at eye level for a larger percentage of passengers
  • Increased ambient light made possible by the larger, newly positioned windows
  • All-new interior design that allows airlines to customize their cabin architectures by class. This innovation includes an adaptable suite of parts that facilitates choices in overhead ceiling and stow bin configurations, allowing airlines to create the feeling of separate and distinct cabins that meet both airline and passenger needs
  • A cabin that is 16 inches wider than the competition, allowing airlines a variety of economy class seat widths up to 18 inches wide
  • Higher cabin humidity, comparable to the 787 Dreamliner
  • Enhanced air filtration, incorporating the latest filtration technologies to increase passengers’ well-being
  • Next-generation LED lighting, further enhancing the passenger experience throughout the flight and allowing airlines more branding opportunities
  • Lower cabin noise, achieved through the new engine nacelle design, new high bypass ratio engines, better insulation and a passenger cabin that doubles the number of air nozzles with lower velocity and less noise

At the very least, the cabin rendering looks very space-aged chic compared to more mundane presentations we’ve seen of cabins for new generation aircraft. Very attractive!  I hope this design-thinking will make it from the drawing board to the clouds.

Boeing also teased industry watchers with developments behind the scenes stating that it “is continuing to explore new ways to create a better flying experience.”  We’re all eager to learn what those new features will be and hope that some will be revealed by the Aircraft Interiors Expo Americas in October.

Featured Image: 777X cabin rendering by Boeing

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