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Airbus Cancels Skymark Order for Six A380s

In a very short statement, Airbus has announced that it exercised its “contractual rights,” and notified Skymark Airlines, Japan’s third largest carrier, that it has officially cancelled the purchase order for six A380s on its books.  The order was originally placed in 2010 for four units, with two units added in 2011.  Skymark had been the first Japanese carrier to place orders for an A380.  With this cancellation, an order for two A330-300 aircraft from Skymark remains on Airbus’ books (last updated June 30).

At the time the order, Shinichi Nishikubo, President of Skymark Airlines said: “By introducing the world’s most cost-efficient, modern and environmentally friendly aircraft in our fleet, we will offer the travelling public the best comfort in the sky and a new way of flying. With the A380’s spacious and extremely quiet cabin, we’ll enter a new era in terms of economic air travel.”

Airbus had 83 open orders for A380s in the Asia-Pacific region and a total of 324 A380s on order from 20 customers world-wide, prior to the cancellation of these six units.  Skymark operates a fleet of two A330s and 30 737s.

Airbus indicates that it decided to strike the order from the books: “following discussions with Skymark Airlines and in light of the airline’s expressed intentions in respect of the A380s,” but gives no further details.

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