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Boeing Predicts 1.1 Million Boom in Aviation Jobs

Boeing has announced that it believes there will be demand for 1.1 Million new airline pilots, and technicians needed worldwide by 2034.

The company announced at EAA AirVenture Oshkosh, that ongoing projects between 2014 and 2033 will require 533,000 new commercial airline pilots and 584,000 commercial airline maintenance technicians.

“The challenge of meeting the global demand for airline professionals cannot be solved by one company or in one region of the world,” said Sherry Carbary, vice president, Boeing Flight Services. “This is a global issue that can only be solved by all of the parties involved—airlines, aircraft and training equipment manufacturers, training delivery organisations, regulatory agencies and educational institutions around the world.”

Globally, Boeing breaks demand downs follows:

  • Asia Pacific – 216,000 pilots and 224,000 technicians
  • Europe – 94,000 pilots and 102,000 technicians
  • North America – 88,000 pilots and 109,000 technicians
  • Latin America – 45,000 pilots and 44,000 technicians
  • Middle East – 55,000 pilots and 62,000 technicians
  • Africa – 17,000 pilots and 19,000 technicians
  • Russia and CIS – 18,000 pilots and 24,000 technicians

This is all good news for existing and aspiring aviation professionals, but it raises questions on labor disputes and wage discussions between pilots and the airlines as well as between maintenance personnel, airlines and at the OEMs.  If demand for qualified professionals increases and salaries rise accordingly, regionals and LCCs are really going to take a second look at their business models.

No feedback yet from Boeing on projected demand for aerospace engineers, but Flight Chic will update when Boeing replies.


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