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Drone Brings Man Closer to God..than he wanted.

The use of drones to promote tourism and products is becoming pretty popular, with some heavenly footage shot in remote locations.  During filming of the village of Prilep in Macedonia for the company Petzl, however, things got a little closer to heaven than anyone wanted–after he drone used for the filming got stuck in the cross at the top of the steeple of a local church.

Specialized rock climbers were deployed to rescue the craft, with one of the rock climbers pointing out in the video that it’s usually the helicopters deployed to rescue climbers, not climbers deployed to rescue helicopters.

Holy Drone Fails, Batman! You can watch the rescue here:

The video came out pretty well, in the end, and highlighted the rustic natural beauty of the location.  The company Petzl makes outdoor gear for climbers, so they had help ready to enlist to-hand.  The drone in question was a DJI Phantom II, the loss of which would have set the filmmaker back about $1,000.  (Cute little thing, I must say.) As sUAS news reports, in the end, no rock climbers or drones were harmed in the making of this film.  Thank heavens.

Featured Image: Hot Cross Drone, screen capture Petzl Pad Party video.  

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