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Southwest Puts A Nutty Twist on the New In-Flight Foodie Trend

A new online video trend has taken flight, and the freshly re-branded Southwest Airlines wants a slice of the attention.

After the popularity of Cabin Safety Videos on YouTube, it’s only natural for airline innovators to give the public a taste of something different.  Last week, when writing about JetBlue’s delicious “Mintroduction” of its Ma-Ze-Dahr Bakery In-Flight Foodie video, I said here on Flight Chic that this could be the next airline video marketing trend.  Today, I’m more convinced.

Southwest Airlines has released its Dish Trip Gone Nuts: National Peanut Day video, featuring lucky passengers on a SWA flight who were treated to a taste-testing of assorted nibbles–all creative ways to serve up the classic flying legume.

Two airlines do not a trend make, but consider the two airlines involved.  The Peanut Wars have just taken a very appetising (and far more literal) turn.  Could this mean that SWA will now introduce specially branded snack menus?

I expect it won’t be long before we’re watching all sorts of soon-to-go viral In-Flight Food Network videos.  The majors could jump in with a Top-Chef Challenge.  Toss in some creative co-branding, folks, and this could serve-up some nice profits!

Well done, SWA–LUV the new care package!

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