The new Space-Flex v2 cabin which is a collaborative development between Airbus and Zodiac Aerospace will include a second option of the integrated “Space-Flex” PRM (Persons with Reduced Mobility) lavatory and galley module.

SpaceFlex v2 Galley by Airbus and Zodiac Aerospace/Airbus

Intended for the A320 Family of aircraft, this larger galley area allows airlines to fit up to six extra passenger seats onboard.

Space-Flex v2 cabin option by Airbus and Zodiac Aerospace/Airbus

The Space-Flex v2 cabin is optimised to meet the needs of airlines, with greater capacity for seats and corresponding service requirements.  It can accommodate enough meal trays to serve the outbound and return sectors of a flight and reducing the need to restock with food and beverage, minimising turnaround times. It can also fit up to eight half-size trolleys or three full size plus two half-size trolleys.

Despite its focus on increasing cabin capacity and allowing for greater seat density, the Space-Flex v2 cabin leaves enough room for two lavatories–one of which can accommodate Persons with Reduced Mobility.

Lavatories SpaceFlex v2 Cabin Option by Airbs and Zodiac Aerospace/Airbus
Lavatories SpaceFlex v2 Cabin Option by Airbs and Zodiac Aerospace/Airbus

These new galleys and lavatories can be line-fitted on new A320 Family aircraft or retrofitted on existing aircraft.  The retrofit solution will be provided via an Airbus Service Bulletin (SB) and Airbus-certified supplier-furnished-equipment (SFE) material.

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