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Boeing Brings Cyber Analytics Center to Singapore

Boeing will open its first Cyber Analytics Centre outside the US in Singapore, bringing advanced cybersecurity capabilities and services to its customers in the Asia-Pacific region.

“We’ve established this center to address current and evolving cybersecurity challenges in the Asia-Pacific region,” said Per Beith, director of Boeing’s Information Security Solutions. “The risks to critical infrastructure and governments worldwide continue to grow, and this center demonstrates Boeing’s – and Singapore’s – commitment to addressing the cyber threat.”

According to the aircraft manufacturer, the new Cyber Analytics Centre will train and equip cybersecurity professionals, perform advanced analytics and serve as Boeing’s regional cybersecurity centre of excellence.  Boeing will staff the facility by hiring and training cybersecurity professionals in Singapore.

“Boeing is a leader in cybersecurity from the U.S., and we warmly welcome Boeing’s decision to establish the Cyber Analytics Center in Singapore,” said Gian Yi-Hsen, director of the Singapore Economic Development Board’s Safety & Security Industry Programme Office. “This center is a first for Boeing internationally and a significant addition to the cybersecurity industry in Singapore to meet the growing demands of the region.”

“We are taking our Singapore partnership to a new level with this Cyber Analytics Center aimed at boosting cybersecurity in the city-state and beyond,” said Skip Boyce, president of Boeing Southeast Asia. “Boeing already has a strong business presence here, comprising commercial airplane and defense procurement, aircraft maintenance and research and technology work.”

Boeing’s customers can share timely and actionable information through the new cybersecurity facility.  It will also provide what Boeing describes as “a collaborative environment for security professionals to work with industry partners, customers and academia to solve complex, cybersecurity challenges.”

Featured Image: Boeing

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