Inmarsat Reveals Future of Connectivity, We Review Progress So Far

Inmarsat has put everything you want to know about connectivity in a helpful video.  Inspired by this, Flight Chic has decided to put together a helpful reading list which may answer your key-questions this bustling market sector.

Inmarsat has made a big commitment to aviation connectivity, from the Wi-Fi which allows us to stay in touch with the ground to the complex infrastructure which will enhance flight safety for airlines around the world.  There’s a lot happening in this sector and a lot of competition, but it’s nice to see one of the competitors put the whole picture together for those of us who are still trying to wrap our heads around the full implications of what a connected flying experience tomorrow really means.

Inmarsat is clearly committed to playing a leading role in tomorrow’s connected aviation landscape, and this video illustrating what the future has in store, is only one more sign that the company has a strong strategy in mind.  

woman on tablet on plane
Passenger Using Tablet On Connected Aircraft/Honeywell

A Quick Guide to Connectivity

This sector of the industry continues to be interesting and worth following closely.  I’ve done a lot of that this year, so I thought I’d share some of the highlights so far here.  You can continue to read more on this topic, as new developments arise from all the players, both here on Flight Chic and on Skift.  In the interim, here are some recent articles which could answer your most perplexing questions:

What about those confusing electronic device rules?  And how can connectivity make my passenger experience better?

Why Rules on In-Flight Electronics Are Still Complicated, Flight Chic Special Report, Skift

FAA Details the Risks Airlines Must Asses to Approve Use of Personal Electronic Devices, Flight Chic

PED Ban for the Flight Deck–FAA Issues New Guidance, Flight Chic

How [Connected] Inflight Entertainment Saved JetBlue, Flight Chic Special Report, Skift

Delta Just Raised the Sakes in the In-Flight Entertainment Arms Race, Flight Chic Special Report, Skift

How the DOT May Ruin In-Flight Electronics Use, Flight Chic Special Report, Skift

Why the In-Flight Call Ban On US Airlines Is Such a Big Deal, Flight Chic Special Report, Skift

Who’s paying for all this connectivity?

Airlines Shouldn’t Count on Millennial Travellers to Pay for In-Flight Wi-Fi, Flight Chic Special Report, Skift

One Company’s Non-Traditional Path to Free In-Flight Wi-Fi, Flight Chic Special Report, Skift

Could Brands Turn In-Flight Entertainment and Connectivity Into Financial Security for Airlines? Flight Chic

Forget Legroom, Airlines Should be Focusing on the Web, Flight Chic Special Report, Sparksheet

How Far Will US Flyers Go fo In-Flight Wi-Fi? Flight Chic Special Reports, Skift

Gogo’s Plan to Bring In-Flight Entertainment to Flyer’s Own Devices, Flight Chic Special Report, Skift

How’s the competition coming along?

How AT&T Plans to Beat Gogo at the In-Flight Wi-Fi Game, Flight Chic Special Report, Skift

Honeywell & Gogo Heat Up their Head-to-Head In-Flight Connectivity Battle–Using the Business-End of Aviation, Flight Chic

As AT&T Makes Moves for DirecTV, Did Connected IFE Just Get a Whole Lot More Entertaining? Flight Chic

With OnAir plug, In-Flight Wi-Fi Becomes as Useful to Airlines As It Is Attractive to Passengers, Flight Chic

Rockwell Collins Aligns With Inmarsat for In-Flight Connectivity, Flight Chic

Gogo Wi-Fi Services Launch on Japan Airlines’ Domestic Flights, Flight Chic Special Report, Skift

There’s an In-Flight Connectivity Bubble That’s About to Burst, Flight Chic Special Report, Skift

Why does bird-strike testing matter for connectivity radome antennae? 

Find out the financial impact of bird strikes in this Flight Chic Special Report for The Runway Girl Network.

What’s the deal with aircraft tracking, why can’t we have a connected black-box, and how can we prevent an aircraft from ever disappearing from the skies again? 

Malaysia MH370: What Questions Should We Ask Ourselves? Flight Chic

Explore all viable options to ensure MH370 isn’t repeated, Flight Chic Special Report, Runway Girl Network

Beyond the Black Box: Fixing Aviation’s Broken Communications Systems, Flight Chic Special Report, Skift

UK on Black Box streaming: money drives delay, Flight Chic Special Report, Runway Girl Network

FLYHT Announces L-3 AFIRS 228S Aviation Recorders Obtain Airbus A320 Certification, Flight Chic

The Small Canadian Airline That Already Has the Flight-Tracking System of the Future, Flight Chic Special Report, Skift

Making Sure Airplanes Don’t Disappear “Is Not Science Fiction”–Tyler, Flight Chic

Hawaiian Airlines First to Commit to New Satellite Safety and Aircraft Tracking System, Flight Chic Special Report, Skift

The State of Airline Tracking Six Months After the Disappearance of MH370, Flight Chic Special Report, Skift

Marisa Garcia

After working for sixteen years in aviation, specializing in aircraft interiors design and aviation safety equipment, and getting hands-on with aircraft cabins in hangars around the world, Marisa Garcia turned her expertise into industry insight. She has been reporting on aviation matters since 2014. Every day, she's putting words to work.

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