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Surprise! It’s A 48-Hour Stopover–Courtesy Icelandair

The land of ice and fire is eager to build up its Tourism, and the national carrier, Icelandair, is happy to do its part.  Icelandair already delighted us with a beautiful cabin safety video which superimposes the key-safety information on breathtaking Icelandic landscapes.  The latest promotion is a 48-hour surprise stopover with a chance to see the sites, accompanied by a friendly local tour guide.  Kat, who was headed for Seattle, was the first passenger surprised with a couple of days of adventure, before heading on to her final destination.

This is all in the spirit of promoting the airline’s #MyStopover campaign to entice passengers, flying with Icelandair to cross the Atlantic, to spend a few days getting to know Iceland better first.  The stopover can last up to seven nights with no additional airfare, which can make for a nice first holiday, on your way to a second holiday, if you can make the time.  Of course, those travelling for Business could always bridge over the weekend and spend a couple of days chilling by the volcanoes before travelling onward to put out fires in other places.

Icelandair is giving customers a chance at a Stopover all their own.  You can nominate a friend (or yourself) to be the next lucky Kat to enjoy a unique Icelandic adventure, by filling out the online contest form.  In fact, according to the small print, the nominee and the nominator can travel together, enjoy the Stopover, as arranged by Icelandair.  You’ll even get to be famous for a while when you are filmed and featured in Icelandair’s marketing and Social Media campaigns.  Since it’s a 48-hour stopover, that would make you an “over-2-nights” star.  It’s more than 15 minutes.  And it’s Iceland!

Image: Kat’s Group Selfie/Icelandair

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