Oslo Airport Makes Wi-Fi Easy and Debuts New Website

Norway’s airport management company Avinor and Oslo Airport have upped their tech-game with a new website and simplified Wi-Fi Connectivity for passengers.

Oslo Airport Website/Avinor
Oslo Airport Website/Avinor

The new airport website is designed for passenger convenience and features flight schedules and flight-related information such as updates on delays.  The simplified user interface, with a fully responsive lay-out, has a general search field at the center for passengers to enter anything they’re looking for in natural language (from parking information to airport services to flight numbers) and get the information they need without going through complicated menus.

Wi-Fi was also made simple at Oslo Airport, with three easy steps required to connect and one to log-on.

How to set up wireless Internet access At Oslo Airport

  1. Select the wireless network called AIRPORT
  2. Open your browser and the start page will appear.
  3. Select “FREE WI-FI” and enter your email adress.
  4. Log on – you are online.

You can also keep those electronic devices powered wirelessly at the airport with a Powerkiss service; available at Upper Crust International, Christiana Bar and Monolitten restaurants, as well as in the OSL Lounge.  The small charger adaptors require a NOK 200 deposit, or the airport says, you can keep the charger, loose your deposit, and take advantage of wireless charging at other European airports where the service is also available.

Featured Image: Man enjoys free Wi-Fi at Oslo Airport/Avinor

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