What better way to promote in-flight food than with..food?  JetBlue and Southwest have made some efforts with foodie videos, and I’ve said we might see more foodie viral videos soon.  Well, we’ve certainly seen a Food Truck frenzy, since I said that, but no so much in the foodie video department.  Two airlines do not a trend make, but the entry of Turkish Airlines in the mix might change that.

Unlike JetBlue’s video, Turkish Airlines doesn’t get into the cooking process, but it certainly serves up more International fare than JetBlue’s sweets or Southwest’s snack trials.

What do you think?  Does Turkish Airlines’ adding its own special appeal to foodies (a Drogba vs. Messi competition which feels like an appeal to the viral success of Kobe vs Messi) make the possible foodie video trend a proper trend?

Or is this the extra yolk which collapses the whole soufflé?

Written by

Marisa Garcia

Putting words to work.