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Three Flight Chic Lights for the Holiday Season

The holidays can be a stressful time for many, even if they don’t have to travel.  But adding flying to the mix brings on a dark mood for some.

Here are three lights to brighten your holiday flying spirit:

1) Pack light. Honestly, this is good advice year round. Half the things we stuff in our bags when we travel, we could do without. Pick mix and match outfits, keep shoes and toiletries to a practical minimum. You may need some extra space for those gifts, but plan your gift-giving in the context of having to carry it around. Most importantly, don’t pack prohibited items in your bags, and use carry-ons that don’t hog up all the space in those overhead bins.

2) Drink light, if you drink at all. You’re already flying at 30,000 ft, there’s really no need to get higher. Alcohol dehydrates the body, as does the aircraft cabin. It’s a bad mix (pardon the pun). You’ll feel better if keep hydrated with generous consumption of good ol’ H2O. Alchohol also dulls the senses, and you travel safer with your wits about you.

3) Be light. It’s the season for peace and goodwill towards our fellow man (and woman). This is an excellent time to build the habit of patience essential to happy flying year round. Don’t be the nuisance traveller. Think of the crowds at the airport and on the plane as individuals, who are just as uncomfortable or stressed as you are, with their own baggage to carry around. Try to lighten the mood by being pleasant and polite, and lend a helping hand when you can.

Flying is a perfect metaphor for life: there are pleasures and risks and nuisances and joy. No matter our stated destination, there can be unexpected rerouting. In the end, we’re all headed to the same place and guaranteed to get there. There’s no need to rush the landing—enjoy the flight.

I wish you, and those who travel with you through life, joyful and safe journeys during the season and in the years to come.

Holiday Wishes


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