Baby Born On SWA Flight Reminds Us How Vital Crew Really Are

Southwest Airlines Unveils New Look with Heart. Photo Credit: Stephen M. Keller
Southwest Airlines Unveils New Look with Heart. Photo Credit: Stephen M. Keller

In my latest feature on Skift,‘Why Disrespecting Flight Attendants Is Totally Nuts’, I shared insights from seasoned flight attendants on the long-standing misconceptions of their roles and duties onboard, with an emphasis on the vital role that airline crew play in our well-being and safety.

We’ll, you can’t get much more vital than assisting a birth, as crew did on SWA Flight 623. In this SWA video, Flight Attendants Carri Robinson, Danielle Fite and Captain John Gordy share their experience assisting a birth onboard.

Birthing babies on planes is not unheard of, despite recommendations that mothers avoid air-travel in the later stages of their pregnancy. Sometimes babies are in as much of a rush to arrive as fellow passengers.

This summer Aer Lingus found and reunited 39 year-old Patrick Loueiro, born on their flight from Mozambique to Portugal in 1975 with cabin crew member & former nurse Jackie Ryan, who delivered Patrick at Dublin airport. You can watch the original news footage on RTÉ here:

Crew duties are many and varied. They save lives and give life, and deserve that we make their lives a little easier by showing them all some R-E-S-P-E-C-T.

Marisa Garcia

After working for sixteen years in aviation, specializing in aircraft interiors design and aviation safety equipment, and getting hands-on with aircraft cabins in hangars around the world, Marisa Garcia turned her expertise into industry insight. She has been reporting on aviation matters since 2014. Every day, she's putting words to work.

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