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Flight Chic Readers’ Top Ten Stories of 2014

Flight 2014

I’ve written a lot this year: here on the Flight Chic site, on LinkedIn and on the various industry publications which are kind enough to keep me busy. Far more than I originally thought I would get a chance to write when the year began.

Of all the articles written on Flight Chic, these 10 were reader’s top favourites:

  1. NTSB Finds Fault with UPS Flight 1354, ALPA Points to Need for Equitable Rest Policy
  2. As Boeing Projects Demand for Pilots, ALPA Points to Supply
  3. First Class Is Dead, Long Live First-uh-Business-um-First Class!
  4. Red Rapture: Virgin Atlantic Goes Atomic, I’m Old(er) & Did the LEGO Pilot Just Reveal His Secret Identity?
  5. The Secret War Over The Aircraft Seat To End All Seat Wars
  6. They’re baaa-aaack! As the Forward/Aft Facing Triple Seats Come Back to Haunt Us, We Ask: Good Heavens Why?
  7. FAA Responds To Turbulence Injuries
  8. The Cabin Selfie Announcement
  9. United Has Two Firsts Today
  10. LEGO Onebrick Proves A Good Aviation Alliance Is Its Own Reward

I expect to write even more great articles here during 2015, special articles on the subscription site Flight Chic PRO (coming soon), on LinkedIn, and via Flight Chic Special Reports on industry media.

You can help me make 2015 even better.  List any of the mysteries and inner workings of the aircraft interiors industry, cabin safety, or other aviation matters which you’d most like me to cover on Flight Chic in 2015 in the comments below.  You can also use the Contact form at any time, or write me directly at marisa(at), if you’d like.


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