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The 3 Best Aircraft Interiors Stories of 2015

As we come closer to the beginning of a brand new year, I want to take a moment to thank all of you for stopping by FlightChic for a unique perspective on the skies.

I thought I’d share three of the aircraft interiors stories that interested you most here on FlightChic.

Finnair’s Flashmob Carollers Surprise Passengers at Helsinki Airport

There was a special surprise waiting for travellers at Helsinki Airport when Finnair flight crew organised a Christmas carolling flashmob at gate 28.

The airline’s crew members were disguised among the crowd and joined in song when one crew member picked up the mike at the gate to get the carols going.

Santa joined in the festivities at the Terminal as the spontaneous choir’s director.

Finnair is Santa’s official airline, and he was probably at the airport checking on a shipment of goodies for the big night.

Ready for Rudolf? JetBlue’s “Let’s Play Airport” is the Best of Reindeer Games

JetBlue has put together a very clever holiday-travel video which will help make air travel for the Christmas holiday less trying on everyone. There’s enough stress in the process without delays at the lines when passengers try to bring prohibited items onboard. But figuring out which items are cleared for take-off and which are on the no-fly list can be tricky because policies can vary by airline.

JetBlue’s “Let’s Play Airport” clears up this confusion, and is nicely infused with JetBlue’s signature humour.

Note that hoverboards are among the prohibited items, as shown in the video.

While many airlines have now banned these potentially dangerous Lithium-Ion battery charged devices, JetBlue is to be commended as one of the first to do so.

TAP Jingles Perfect AvGeek Christmas Video

TAP Portugal has released its Christmas video on YouTube a composition par-excellence of Jingle Bells, as played by an aircraft.

The video features TAP employees on one of the airline’s A330, CS-TOQ (‘Pedro Teixeira’), using the sound of various aircraft components to play the popular Christmas tune. Santa also makes a brief cameo appearance.


Stormtroopers Take Etihad Simulator Challenge, Amusement Ensues

What can you do when the Star Wars franchise is the hottest thing in the universe and another airline already took the official franchise partnership? Get creative, of course. That’s what Etihad has done by bringing a little bit of the Force (albeit the Dark side) to its ongoing Simulator Challenge series.

The video has only just gone up on the airline’s YouTube channel a few hours ago, so we’ll have to see whether it has the lasting power to click with viewers and go galactic.