Hungry? Foodie SAS Brings More Than Smør to the New Business Class Brød

Starting 28 January, SAS will launch an improved service on all its SAS Business long-haul flights featuring a restaurant dining experience with a greater selection of dishes for passengers to enjoy.

To coincide with the airline’s renovation of seven existing aircraft and the introduction of new long-haul aircraft in 2015, the food and drink experience on SAS Business class just got an upgrade.

Click the squares to view the whole delectable gallery–if you dare!

Beyond the must-serve bread and butter (you really can’t ignore a nice quality bread and delectable Danish butter as part of a traditional Scandinavian table) passengers will enjoy a wide selection of goodies to choose from for breakfast lunch and dinner.

New SAS Business class meal service/SAS
New SAS Business class meal service/SAS

“Our improved service concept together with the totally new design of our cabin interiors means we will be able to offer a genuinely high class experience in SAS Business. Food and drink are incredibly important for our customers and this is an area where we have listened to what they want and developed our new concept accordingly,” says Gustaf Öholm, Senior Manager Onboard Concepts at SAS. “We have put an even great emphasis on the total experience in everything from food and drink, tablewear, personal service and the cabin atmosphere to create a genuine restaurant experience in the air.”

New SAS Business class meal service/SAS
New SAS Business class meal service/SAS

SAS’s long haul destinations from Scandinavia are New York, Washington, Chicago, San Francisco, Houston, Beijing, Shanghai and Tokyo. In September 2015, SAS will open a new route from Stockholm to Hong Kong.

You won’t have to suffer on the ground either. SAS’s Terminal lounges already offer a nice buffet service for passengers to help themselves to healthy nibbles throughout the day. There are also bountiful power outlets and free Wi-Fi to feed your devices, so well-worth paying the day pass if your ticket or status don’t already get you in.

Last week, SAS also announced that it will open a new Café Lounge concept at Trondheim and Tromsø Airports in Norway during April and May as a complement to its existing lounges, designed for frequent flyers.

SAS Cafe Lounge
Rendering of SAS Café Lounge/SAS

The SAS Café Lounges offer a quiet pleasant spot to relax and work, near the departure gate with free Wi-Fi access, tea, coffee and pastries.

“We are absolutely thrilled to launch yet another in-demand product, the SAS Café Lounge. Our most frequent flyers appreciate time saving services such as Fast Track, which is why we are now offering an additional service designed especially for them. Fast flows are important on our domestic market and customers can work effectively in our Café Lounges located close to the gate,” says Eivind Roald, Executive Vice President Commercial at SAS.

Trondheim gets its Café Lounge first in April and Tromsø will open in May. SAS promises that a number of Café Lounges and other service product enhancements will be opened at various Scandinavian airports. I can only hope that one of these will be Billund.

Bonus Mini Danish Foodie Guide 

Getting your Smørrebrød as take-out is not only possible but highly encouraged! Who wants to do all that work at home?/Frihavn Smørrebrod, Copenhagen
Getting your Smørrebrød as take-out is not only possible but highly encouraged! Who wants to do all that work at home?/Frihavn Smørrebrod, Copenhagen,

Smørrebrød (spreadable–from the word smør for butter–bread) are popular open-face sandwiches on whole rye bread served here in Denmark, as a nice way to enjoy a quick meal with friends when meeting up for a hyggelig (warm, pleasant, cosy, togetherness) time. They are very elaborate and tasty and come with all sorts of toppings ranging from fish to foul, pork and beef. Curry salad is a popular spread as is a nice refreshing dill salad (with sour cream), but butter is definitely the classic. If you’re looking for a top-star Michelin-worthy opportunity to sample smørrebrød in the big city (Copenhagen) I’d recommend Schønnemann in Hauser Plads 16, which has a hygge-ready atmosphere and serves many traditional Danish dishes besides. We get nice smørrebrød here in the sticks too. You can get delicious varieties of smørrebrød practically anywhere you go in the country, and even take-home your favourite selections just like mormor (Grandma, lit. Mother’s mother) used to make–in a handy box. Poof! No dishes.

Wienerbrød selection/TV Øst
Wienerbrød selection/TV Øst

Oh! And Danish danishes are actually pastries called Wienerbrød. It literally means Vienna Bread because the dough is fashioned after the popular pastry of the Austrian capital. Wienerbrød found its way to the traditional Danish luxury breakfast in the 1700s, when a number of unemployed bakers from Vienna came to Denmark for a fresh-baked start (Link in Danish). Go figure! The pastry was then improved upon to its present-day flaky delight.

Hungry yet? I’m starving!

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After working for sixteen years in aviation, specializing in aircraft interiors design and aviation safety equipment, and getting hands-on with aircraft cabins in hangars around the world, Marisa Garcia turned her expertise into industry insight. She has been reporting on aviation matters since 2014. Every day, she's putting words to work.

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