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Yo #Foodies! YO! Sushi Arrives at Copenhagen Airport

Copenhagen Airport has announced that Denmark’s first YO! Sushi restaurant is now open at the terminal.

YO! Sushi at Copenhagen Airport/CPH

First to introduce the concept in London, the YO! Sushi chain is now world-famous delivers its dishes on a 70-metre long conveyor at the new Copenhagen Airport location. It’s a dining experience which promises to be just like waiting for luggage, but less crowded, more stylish and far tastier. Because dishes are served in the restaurant at a rate of eight centimetres per second, this may beat luggage retrieval. Though, honestly, at CPH that process is also pretty quick.

YO! Sushi at Copenhagen Airport/CPH

The airport says travellers have “long asked for a strong sushi concept,” and with YO! Sushi’s all-you-can-eat policy those same passengers can now have their fill.

“Eating at YO! Sushi is both easy and delicious. It is important to us that travellers who have only a short time at the airport also have the chance to get something tasty to eat before continuing their journey or to have the possibility to take the sushi box with them on board the flight. This is what makes the YO! Sushi concept perfect for the airport. It is also important to us that they serve only top quality fresh food. At Yo! Sushi, the chefs prepare sushi in sight of restaurant guests every day,” says Lise Ryevad, head of Airport Sales at Copenhagen Airport.

Though, sushi is the heart of the restaurant’s menu, YO! Sushi also offers more than 80 Japanese-inspired items, including soups, rice and noodle-based dishes, salads and hot dishes such as Chicken Katsu Curry and Yakisoba noodles at prices from DKK 30 to DKK 70 (about $5 to $10 at today’s exchange rates).

Copenhagen Airport has been expanding its range of shops and restaurants transforming itself into a highly-efficient, user-friendly, varied and enjoyable airport-city mall. It also has been catering to the gourmand (or at least those fond of eating well) through a wide selection of restaurants. This latest announcement is only one of three new restaurants that will open at the terminal this year. An Aamann’s Deli and Take-Away (which offers lovely smørrebrod) will also open this year, along with a Gorm’s Italian restaurant, which offers artisanal pizza.

“Giving travellers a good and special experience when they visit Copenhagen Airport is a very big priority for us. That also applies when it comes to tantalising their taste buds. In the past year, we have focused on attracting the best restaurants to the airport so we can offer travellers a good variety of food experiences. We are therefore pleased to be the first in Denmark to open a YO! Sushi restaurant, which will help ensure that Copenhagen Airport maintains the standards that helped us win the award for the world’s best airport gastronomy,” says Ryevad.

Copenhagen Airport aims to appeal to the international traveller as more than just a transit location and as a destination in itself. With CPH’s continuing introduction of venues where passengers can enjoy their wait between flights, the airport is succeeding. For those who have no time to wait, YO! Sushi allows take-away, though–exercise caution–your fellow passengers may not be so keen on having you enjoy these treats onboard.

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