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Singapore Airlines Adds #Foodie Appeal to Already Appealing Premium Economy Product

Singapore Airlines is making a meal of its new long-awaited Premium Economy by joining the trend of airlines wetting the appetite of In-Flight Foodies.
One of the many mixable options on Singapore Airline's new Premium Economy service/Singapore Airlines
One of the many mixable options on Singapore Airline’s new Premium Economy service/Singapore Airlines

In a really short, really intense video, the airline highlights its flexible menu product offered to Premium Economy passengers.

The flexible menu features again in a longer video which highlights the “extra privileges” of flying the airline’s latest product class.

While the airline has also focused on the passenger experience where it matters most to passengers (the seat), there is no question that SIA understands the importance of all customer touch-points, including meal service.

In the latest SQInsider, Singapore Airlines recaps its recent accomplishments and news and does a great job of highlighting the point-to-point improvements it has made to products and services both in the air and on the ground.

Flying Social

Airlines are demonstrating a more sophisticated understanding of social media dynamics by focusing these various spots on trending social communities. It is a unique benefit of our social media world that we can connect with persons far away who share common interests and passions. We are #AvGeeks. We are #Foodies. We love to #travel. We care about many causes. We get wrapped with dresses which turn colours, llamas on the lamb and butts that break the internet.

American sees silver:

Southwest reclaims its hash-tag (sorta):

JetBlue doesn’t want to break the internet:

Airlines are watching our social behaviour and taking notes.

On social media, the aim is to join the trend and prove common values between the brand and the consumer. Airlines get this. They relate to passengers more personally with these on-line social media appeals than with high-production television advertising campaigns aimed at a general audience. Those more traditional campaigns have an important role to play. They define the brand and demonstrate its strength, not only appealing to customers but building investor confidence. If you can afford to pay a Hollywood star to pitch your product, then you must be doing well, the logic goes. But even those high-cost productions today include a social media plan.

The airline industry may be behind the times on some things, and some airlines might not get consumer preferences at all (judging from complaints) but the aviation industry is beginning to take advantage of the power of social media’s reach. And the best brands are now making their bid for our business pretty tasty.

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