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Danish Firm First to Simplify Time-Travel Bookings

Coordinating a trip through time is tricky. For one thing, you’re never sure what to wear.

Finding the right ‘holiday away from now’ for you and your loved ones can be tedious. There are many players entering the market–some more reputable than others–and countless time-traveller experience factors to compare before you book.

Now, established Danish travel search engine could make getting to the Globe to shake Shakespeare’s hand simpler. The company has organised a series of time-travel tour packages aimed at a variety of interests and budgets.


Pricing for these unique experiences varies–in line demand and the hazards of each time-travel destination. A seven day journey with the first man to set foot in Greenland in the year 985, for example, will set you back nearly DKK 1.1 million (about $160K/£106K at the going rate).

Participating in your typical Viking raid on an unsuspecting English village in the year 900 is more affordable at DKK 80,000, ($11K/£8K)–and that’s for a full 22 days of fun.

If you really want to get away from it all, then 10 days basking in the sun of 80,000 BC–enjoying the ice age–is just the ticket, and pretty affordable at just under DKK 40,000 ($6K/£4K).

For a real bargain, you can enjoy Justin Bieber’s last concert for DKK 325–less than the cost of lunch at McDonalds for a family of four! (No food or drink included in the package.)

All time destinations have points of origin at various Danish cities, so you can enjoy a bit of local Denmark now before you set off whenever you’re headed.

Terms and Conditions apply, naturally. You really want to read the fine print.

I would be headed straight for the Globe for a matinee of The Merry Wives of Windsor and a rather embarrassing episode of groupie-dom. If that’s too rich for my budget, then I’d head straight to roaring twenties London to shake the hand of Sir P.G. Wodehouse, or to late 1870s Connecticut for a time-travel chat with a much beloved Missourian.

When would you go?

My thanks to the Danish travel intelligence site for the heads-up. 

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