SAS has announced its new SAS Space Travel Program to get you further faster at reasonable fares with comfortable bedding and enviably advanced In-Flight Entertainment.

Other brands running airlines have space ambitions, but nothing quite like this. We’re talking Voyager-long journeys, hopefully without the getting-lost-in-deep-deep-space-for-many-second-rate-episodes-compared-to the-other-franchises part of it.

The IFE is portable, probably BYOD, but want one now!


The SAS space ship looks a bit like a drone, which makes the design proposal very much in-the-now.


Flight Chic expects Hästens space-age bedding will be available–at least to those travelling in SAS Astro Class to Deep Space Nine.

I kinda missed it by minutes in this time zone, but readers in other timezones can still appreciate the spacey spirit of this news.

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