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Ryanair’s New Ad Campaign Is Totally Tubular

Who doesn’t like a trip back in time on a Friday? Ryanair plays on nostalgia with its latest ad campaign celebrating its 30 years of service. It also manages to drive home the message that it’s kept up with the times, and added service while lowering fares.


Yes, technology has improved by giant leaps and so has aviation.


And now we think carrying a phone is too much, so we’d like to have it all on a watch. (A watch that needs a phone for now, but still loving the progress. Bring it!)


Yes, folks. From £99 roundtrip to limited destinations to £19.99 one way to multiple destinations.

You can watch the full ad here:

And there’s a second ad, which reflects Ryanair’s new customer-centric image, featuring testimonials from satisfied customers:

Though air travel has become cheaper in every corner of the industry, not just with Low-Cost Carriers, these maverick peanuts can take full credit for the competitive landscape which drove down fares worldwide.

We can complain about the side-effects of all this progress, but there’s no denying the freedom of getting on a jet whenever the fancy drives–without committing a year’s earnings to do so.

Aviation still has a long way to go to improve service and develop infrastructure over the next 30 years, with many exciting plans in the works and the numbers of us choosing to get on a plane more than doubling.

I, for one, can’t wait to see how this all plays out.

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