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Which Surya is the Real Singapore Girl?

SIA REVEALS: The Real Surya is the Singapore Girl on the…

During my recent visit to Singapore Airlines headquarters to view the new Premium Economy cabin, I attended a pleasant press luncheon where I was finally able to ask the most probing question of all: Which Surya is the REAL Singapore Girl.

Airline representatives have confirmed that the figure on the left, is indeed the real Surya, though the one on the right is quite life-like.

For the record, 77% of Flight Chic readers had guessed correctly when first reading this post.

Singapore Airlines tells me that Surya had to keep the Madame Tussauds project secret–even from her family–right up to the last moment when her wax likeness was unveiled. When she had to go on modeling sessions, her colleagues were told she was in a special project, but no one could know what that project was.

Her family was present for the reveal, along with her extended Singapore Airlines family, but no one had any idea what was about to be revealed.

It was a proud moment for Surya and her family–both at home and at work.

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