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Ryanair Will Appeal “Bizarre” Ruling in Danish Court

Ryanair suffered a setback in its battle with Danish labor unions fighting to impose rights for Ryanair employees to organise for collective bargaining under Danish law on the Dublin-based airline.

Ryanair had argued that, because it is not a Danish carrier, its labor policies did not fall under Danish jurisdiction.

The airline issued a statement saying it had “instructed its lawyers to appeal the bizarre Danish Labor Court [ruling]”, and expressed concern that the courts decision might allow unions of its competitor (SAS) to blockade its one aircraft flying out of Copenhagen.

For now, it seems, Ryanair intends to continue its operations out of the capital.

Airline Spokesperson Robin Kiely said:

“We have instructed our lawyers to immediately appeal this ruling, which appears to allow competitor airline unions to blockade Ryanair’s 1 based aircraft at Copenhagen, and we have also submitted a secondary claim to the Danish Labour Court.

“We will continue to operate 12 routes to/from Copenhagen but on aircraft based outside of Denmark, as we are determined to grow Danish tourism and jobs, at a time when SAS is cutting jobs, cutting pay and cutting pensions.

“It is absurd for Danish trade unions to attempt to impose collective agreements on Irish air crew who spend less than 2% of their working time in Denmark, and who already have the benefit of the collective agreement in place with Ryanair.”

Copenhagen Airport has issued a statement expressing concern over the repercussions of this ruling which could force the airline to shut down its base at the airport. “The coming days will show what [the ruling] will mean in practice,” CPH states. “CPH’s focus is that all travellers have an opportunity to travel.”

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