Breakout the Champagne! The New Singapore Airlines Mobile-Friendly Website Has Sparkling UX

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Singapore Airlines has redesigned its website with a sparkling UX interface that looks fabulous on all devices, from desktop to smartphone.

The new SIA website makes browsing for travel inspiration–and booking those tickets–easier.

It also features links to insight articles on a dedicated The Lengths We Go To site, where visitors can learn more about the airline’s activities, products, and services.

It’s a very clever combination of travel search, bookings, and content platform.

And it looks gorgeous!

This comes on the heels of the airline’s complete overhaul of its mobile apps, which included the debut of an image-rich Apple Watch app.

It also follows SIA’s introduction of a new Premium Economy cabin, which I had the pleasure to see debut in Singapore. I found it comfortable, modern and masterfully designed and crafted.


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