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10 Chic Tips: Before You Embark on Your Labor Day Weekend Journey

Summer is very nearly over. Nearly time to put away those white shoes. (Or not. I think that’s outdated fashion advice now, anyway). Time for new programming on TV, but first the dreaded Labor Day Weekend rush.

SITA’s iBorders Program Puts Passengers at Front of the Line, without Compromising Security

Aviation industry technology company, SITA, has released an updated video explaining the advantages of its iBorders program, which helps airports automate the immigration and border control process. As passenger numbers increase around the world, technology solutions such as automated document scanners and biometric identification promise to take the hassle out of flying.

Around the world, the aviation industry is investing heavily to make that passenger experience seamless. SITA reports a spend of US$1 Billion to install E-Gates and Kiosks by 2020.

If you want to keep travellers happy, you have to keep them moving. A secure, user-friendly alternative to traditional manual border controls, automated gates and kiosks could provide an answer to the challenge of increasing throughput at borders while maintaining security.–SITA

Why SIA’s A380 Premium Economy is Taking Longer to Install than Planned

Singapore Airlines had committed itself to a very aggressive installation program, to get its fresh product to market quickly and keep up with competitors in the region. This came after a long process of reviewing whether to introduce a Premium Economy product and the design and development process of what is a very beautiful, and promises to be a very comfortable, flying experience. It seems that the wait will be a little longer yet for some, which is a disappointment, but SIA is doing the right thing by notifying customers and giving them a range of alternatives.