Air France has released a special video addressing the embarrassing attack on company executives by a group of enraged protestors from the FO and CGT Trade Unions.

The video features HR manager Xavier Broseta, one of the executives whose shirt was ripped off his back by the employees involved, explaining that the unpleasant incident is not representative of Air France and its people and promising customers that Air France is focused on them. The video then features a number of airline employees expressing their pride in working for the company, and the message: ‘Air France is here for you.’

Air France also issued a statement from CEO, Frédéric Gagey, and the team at Air France to accompany the video:

I am sure that like all of us, you were shocked by the events that took place at the end of Air France’s Central Works Council meeting last Monday.

What we all saw does not represent Air France.

These violent acts were the work of isolated individuals and do not reflect the reality nor the ambition of your airline. Furthermore, these events did not disrupt our flights in any way.

In a highly competitive world, Air France needs to take brave steps to ensure its future as a leading airline with global ambitions. As you’ve no doubt noticed when you travel with us, Air France is committed to an unprecedented transformation of its products and services.

Our goal is simple: to offer you a high quality product, with a French touch that makes us stand out. We will continue to do this.

We are doing all we can to earn your trust and look forward to welcoming you again soon on one of our flights.

Written by

Marisa Garcia

Putting words to work.