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Etihad Reveals New Destination-Inspired LUXE City Guides Business Class Amenities

Etihad Airways has revealed new destination-inspired Business Class Amenity kits themed around cities around the world on the airline’s route schedule: Abu Dhabi, London, Madrid, Los Angeles, Sydney and Hong Kong. The kits were developed through a partnership with luxury brand LUXE City Guides.


“The designs for Abu Dhabi, London and Madrid, have been specially produced for Etihad Airways, whilst the Los Angeles, Sydney and Hong Kong kits feature bespoke LUXE artwork,” the airline states. “Each kit contains a customised Etihad Airways LUXE City Guide which corresponds to the showcased city,covering everything from hotels and restaurants, to spas, bars, boutiques and bespoke shopping, as well as services, specialists and personal guides.”

The Abu Dhabi kit features a unique design, inspired by the architectural heritage of the Emirate, in a style the airline describes as “Arabian Modernism.” The pattern incorporates the Etihad Airways’ Reimagined brand and colour palette.

The London kit pulls its inspiration from 1960s pop culture, with the bold colours of the London Underground map. The Madrid kit features the red and yellow of the Spanish flag with a pattern that recalls the city’s annual Carnival.

Simon Westcott, LUXE City Guides Chief Executive Officer, said: “Etihad Airways offers one of the best inflight experiences in the world. In partnering with LUXE City Guides to create its new Business Class amenity kits, Etihad helps ensure that the premium experience extends long after its guests have landed. It is great to be working with fellow innovators.”

The special amenity kits will include customised LUXE City Guides and exclusive cosmetic products by Scaramouche + Fandango.


The limited edition collectable kits come in a colourful new range “embodying the contemporary and innovative flair synonymous with the Etihad Airways brand,” the airline states.

Inside the stylish kits are inflight comfort items and cosmetics including natural facial products developed exclusively for Etihad Airways by London-based skincare and grooming brand Scaramouche + Fandango. The cosmetics were specially formulated to address the special needs of skin inflight and enhance passenger well-being on the aircraft.

A luxurious facial moisturiser, enriched with vitamin E, and made with anti-oxidants and essential oils, is intended to combat fatigue and address the drying effects of the lower-humidity cabin environment. Triglycerides and essential oils rebalance the skin’s natural moisture. To keep lips hydrated, Etihad includes a honey and shea butter lip balm, enriched with vitamin E. The cosmetics have been formulated with parabens-free products, high in natural ingredients.

The new kits also include a sleep pack with socks and an eye mask, a care pack with cotton pads and earbuds, a dental pack, and earplugs.

Calum Laming, Etihad Airways’ Vice President Guest Experience, said of the limited edition kits:

“The introduction of these kits is not about providing brand names to our Business Class guests. It is about intelligent design, functionality and providing them with products which are attractive, natural, useful and re-usable. Collaborating with relevant, progressive lifestyle brands such as LUXE City Guides and Scaramouche + Fandango has enabled us to tailor amenities to the requirements of our guests while retaining all the authentic charm and sophistication of the Etihad Airways brand.

“Etihad Airways continues to reimagine the flying experience, setting a new benchmark for innovation and luxury. The introduction of these kits is part of a much bigger journey which was started with the introduction of our new revolutionary cabins on the flagship Airbus A380 and Boeing 787s, and the new service concepts introduced fleet-wide. These collectable kits also reflect the global nature of our business, while simultaneously highlighting the inspiration, style and unique qualities of our home, Abu Dhabi.”

The limited edition amenity kits will later be expanded in a range of new designs, featuring more cities on the airline’s route network.

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