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The 3 Best Aircraft Interiors Stories of 2015

As we come closer to the beginning of a brand new year, I want to take a moment to thank all of you for stopping by FlightChic for a unique perspective on the skies.

I thought I’d share three of the aircraft interiors stories that interested you most here on FlightChic.

#1 Perhaps it’s unsurprising that Ryanair attracted so much attention, but thousands of readers were eager to take a peek of their new cabins–and continue to be.

New Boeing Sky Interiors_Mar15
New Ryanair Boeing Sky Interiors/Ryanair

Exclusive: This is the Look of the New True Blue Ryanair

#2 We always expect excellence from this airline, and it hasn’t disappointed. Singapore Airlines’ new Premium Economy cabin was a thing of beauty.

IMG_3312 (1)
Singapore Airlines new Premium Economy

A Well-Timed Stitch Reveals the Quality of Singapore Airlines’ New Premium Economy Cabin 

#3 I admit I rather fancy the A350XWB–and I’m not alone. Each one I’ve seen, from the aircraft’s first debut on has been beautiful. And certainly, Finnair’s A350 was no exception. I honestly can’t wait to see more of these beauties fly in the coming years.

Finnair A350 Business class seat footwell and IFE

The Light Fantastic: Inside the New Finnair A350

As a Bonus 4th: Though written in 2014, this story continues to fascinate readers–always among the top posts, month after month.

Recaro CL6710 Business Class seat, Image Recaro

First Class is Dead; Long Live First-Uh-Business-Um-First Class!

Thanks again for sharing your 2015 with me. Here’s hoping that 2016 brings us plenty of good news in the skies.

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