Your 2016 Travel Calendar, Courtesy of Emirates

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If you’re looking at your sparkling new 2016 calendar and wondering what special flights to pencil-in, Emirates suggests nine new cities which will take off on their inaugural A380 aircraft flights—or one-off flights—this year.

Here’s the calendar of events:

Perth will get daily A380 service starting on 1 May

Prague will have a special one-off A380 flight on 1 July

Dusseldorf’s daily A380 service also begins on 1 July

Taipei will get a special one-off A380 flight on 19 July

Madrid’s daily A380 service starts on 1 August

Orlando has a one-off A380 flight on 1 September

Brussels has a one-off flight A380 on 18 September

São Paulo has a one-off A380 flight on 14 November

And..Copenhagen daily A380 service begins on 1 December


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