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Nok Air CEO Plane-Splains It All

Nok Air‘s down-to-earth CEO, Mr. Patee Sarasin, has taken to YouTube to explain the Low-Cost airline’s in-flight products and services with a new Nok Air FAQs YouTube video series.

Each video is around a minute long, just enough for him to cover key points of customers’ most frequently asked questions (FAQs).

Sarasin appears against a yellow background, wearing a simple back T-shirt and jeans. (Though we do notice he seems to be wearing an Apple Watch.) Illustrations of the key points he covers also appear behind him on the screen.

This is a unique way to get the message across, highlights services available which customers might not already know about, makes the airline very relatable–and saves on actors.

But is this CEO’s “plane” manner a bit too, well, plain? Or did he get the tone just right? You decide.

Nok Air CEO plane-splains the airline’s booking process.

Nok Air CEO plane-splains Premium Seating available


Nok Air CEO plane-splains Sky Café onboard java service.

Nok Air CEO plane-splains FREE Wi-Fi (on the ground and in the air).

Nok Air CEO plane-splains the airline’s bicycle policy.

Nok Air CEO plane-splains flight cancellations and schedule changes

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