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Boeing Celebrates 100 Years and 100 More to Come

Boeing has released two videos to commemorate its 100th Birthday. The first, simply named ‘Thank You’ is a look back at the last 100 years of the company’s history against the backdrop of American history.

The second spot, ‘Just You Wait’ takes the viewer on a tour of the next 100 years, predicting a 2116 in which people live both on Mars and on Earth in what seems to be a progressive and evolved society, facilitated by technology.


Beyond a successful colony on the red planet, it promises flying across town in minutes on flying taxis and around the globe in an hour on Earth.

Are we to understand from this that Boeing will finally make an attempt at supersonic flight?  Time will tell, but given the challenges posed by the Concorde, they had better start soon.

I was particularly interested by the promise of solar satellite power providers to supply this highly connected world with all the power it needs to operate on the ground, at sea and in the air. That, in itself, would be a worthy feat.

Boeing set up a dedicated microsite for its big birthday, announcing a year’s worth of special events, activities and commemorations to celebrate this major milestone. 

Since July 15, 1916, we’ve been making the impossible, possible. From producing a single canvas-and-wood airplane to transforming how we fly over oceans and into the stars, The Boeing Company has become the world’s largest aerospace company. And we’re just getting started.

The ‘Just You Wait’ theme of Boeing’s centennial campaign is an answer to Bill Boeing’s original challenge: ‘Build Something Better.’

We can only hope that, while we wait and watch, Boeing does.


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