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Turkish Airlines Now Flies to Gotham

Turkish Airlines has made a name for itself by offering the largest number of destinations of any airline in the sky, but it’s now headed where no airline has (technically) flown before: Gotham.

“We’re very excited to announce our partnership with Warner Bros. Pictures on the upcoming highly anticipated action adventure film, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice! #BatmanvSuperman See if you can spot Diana Prince, played by the beautiful Gal Gadot, on our Turkish Airlines plane,” the airline states in its official announcement on Facebook.
The airline and studio partnership forged by ANA with Disney Japan to promote the new Star Wars franchise certainly created a lot of buzz around the airline. It will be a true test of fandom (and airline brand management) to see how far this new partnership goes.
 Should we expect new Batman vs. Superman livery? Batman vs. Superman kids packs? Gotham-themed new aircraft interiors? Anything is possible!
Warner Bros. and Turkish Airlines have at least one huge fan of the franchise very excited to see what comes next.


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