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France Transport Disruptions Reach Etihad Elite Flyers

Disruptions caused by French transport strikes today have affected millions, even the top-tier travelers on Etihad Airways’ white-glove service.

The airline has issued an announcement informing passengers that its premium chauffeur service to and from Charles de Gaulle Airport is temporarily unavailable.

“Our team will be available to assist guests on arrival at Charles de Gaulle Airport and provide information on the availability of alternative private transportation in Paris, such as metro and train services, which, we are advised, are expected to operate a normal service,” the airline states. “We apologize for the inconvenience caused and expect a regular chauffeur service to resume soon.”

Many airlines have been forced to cancel flights because of the related strikes by French Air Traffic Controllers. The French civil aviation authority DGAC asked that airlines reduce their flights by 20% today stating that disruptions were expected throughout the country.

Ryanair has called on the European Union to set more robust policies to prevent future strikes by European ATC. To illustrate the need for such policies, Ryanair has pointed out that French ATC unions have organized 40 strikes since 2009 and asked EU citizens to sign a petition, which the airline will then bring before the European Parliament and European Commission.


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