Cathay Pacific Launches New China Travel Storytelling Blog on Tumblr

Cathay Pacific has launched a new #MyChinaExperience Tumblr Blog timed to celebrate the Year of the Monkey.

This new blog is part of a multi-layered digital and online campaign which aims to inspire and celebrate the diversity of travel experiences in China.

This is the Hong Kong based airline’s first blog, and its first US campaign centred around promoting travel to mainland China.


Cathay Pacific states its #MyChinaExperience Tumblr blog will feature unique content, curated by the airline,  which it hopes will engage with followers, encourage wanderlust, and introduce travellers to China’s many attractions.

“Many travellers are daunted by the sheer size and scope of travel in China,” explains Robecta Ma, Digital & E-commerce Manager, Cathay Pacific. “With the #MyChinaExperience Tumblr site and its content curated by creatives from a cross-section of travelers – journalists and bloggers, hoteliers, tourists, as well as our own staff – we hope to de-mystify this fascinating and diverse country and invite travellers to explore all that China has to offer.”

Contributors to the #MyChinaExperience blog launch include:

  • Lifestyle blogger Meg Biram (@megbiram)
  • Luxury travel + lifestyle blogger Katie DillonLa Jolla Mom (@lajollamom)
  • Luxury adventure travel blogger, Lesley MurphyThe Road Les Traveled(@lesleyannemurphy)
  • Instagrammer and designer Kevin Mao (@k_mao) – winner of the 2015 #MyChinaExperience Instagram contest

The #MyChinaExperience Tumblr blog will be updated with new content every week. Cathay Pacific is encourages travellers to send their own stories and join the campaign by sharing their China travel memories on social media using the tag #MyChinaExperience.

Marisa Garcia

After working for sixteen years in aviation, specializing in aircraft interiors design and aviation safety equipment, and getting hands-on with aircraft cabins in hangars around the world, Marisa Garcia turned her expertise into industry insight. She has been reporting on aviation matters since 2014. Every day, she's putting words to work.

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