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Happy 747 Day!

It is a special day today marking 47 years since the first flight of the 747 on February 9, 1969.

The Queen of the Skies would go on to win hearts around the world and usher in the democratisation of air travel, making it more accessible to people of all walks of life who could never have dreamed of floating in the clouds before.

Quite a place in history.

At the time, I was only just introduced to the light. My first flight would not come until later, but I like to think that I was fated to fall in love with aviation.

More 747 Love for you!

Featured Image: Boeing 747–100 Clipper Neptune’s Car (N742PA) at Zürich AirportEduard Marmet –, CC BY-SA 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons. 

panam posters girl

Clipper Neptune’s Car seems an appropriate name for an Aquarius, don’t you think?

I chose a Pan Am 747 because Pan Am chic!

Let’s celebrate the wonder and thrill of aviation together. Share your own special #avgeek date or first-flight memories below.  

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