British Airways Features Oscar Nominee Films–with Starry Surprise

After a strong show at the BAFTAs–hinting at what’s to come–the world prepares for the 88th Academy Awards, and airlines offer passengers special screenings.

British Airways has added 12 nominated films (some of which will doubtless be winners) to its long-haul British Airways’ High Life entertainment in-flight entertainment content catalogue during February and March. Two of the featured fills will be played with immersive 3D sound.

British Airways has added video to its YouTube channel illustrate the difference between standard sound and the new hi-tech 3D sound, featuring two clips of Mission Impossible – Rogue Nation.

The Oscar titles selected to screen on BA flights include Mad Max: Fury Road, The Martian, Amy, Carol, and, appropriately, the latest James Bond thriller: SPECTRE.

British Airways has also produced a dedicated program about the Oscars entitled The Road to Gold, which features exclusive interviews with and behind-the-scenes peeks at nominated actors including Jennifer Lawrence, Brie Larson, Matt Damon, and Bryan Cranston. 

“We love to bring the best in big screen entertainment to our customers in the air and this year we have pulled out all the stops to make sure our movie selection showcases the finest films available,” said Troy Warfield, British Airways’ director of customer experience.

British Airways has announced that it will also screen the massive international blockbuster Star Wars: The Force Awakens during the month of March.

The featured Oscar-nominee blockbusters are part of a long-haul catalogue which offers passengers over 1,300 hours of entertainment including films, box-set TV programmes and music.

Loads of Oscar Entertainment for Long-Haul Flyers Around the Globe

Latin American carriers LAN and TAM also announced a large selection of featured Oscar-nominated films and documentaries which will be available on board long-haul international flights building-up to the Awards and beyond through the month of April. (linked article in Spanish).

Other international airlines are offering select Oscar films on their long-haul flights. Ultimate Hollywood and aviation insider Tomás N. Romero (Twitter: @TNRomero) has put together a handy film-geek’s guide to Oscar watching at 30,000 ft.


Featured Image: Boeing 747s – World Traveller refreshed interior, Courtesy British Airways

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