Finnair and Finavia Fuel Hot Fashion in HEL

Finnair and Helsinki Airport are heating up fashion with a very special runway show, on the heels of its popular Match Made in HEL.

This May 24,  Finnair and Helsinki Airport will turn the airport’s Runway 2 into a unique fashion catwalk where seven top designers from China, Korea, Japan, the UK, Sweden, Denmark and Finland will showcase their new collections.

The jet-fuel hot fashion show ties-in with the overall focus of both the airport and the airline of building better links to Asia.

Katja Siberg, Vice President, Marketing and Business Development at Finavia, the Finnish airport says:

“Helsinki Airport is a key hub for Asia-Europe travel, and every day thousands of people transfer through the airport on their journey between these destinations. The airport, located along the shortest route between Asia and Europe, is a constant inspiration for us.”

The designers who will strut their collections on the largest coolest catwalk on Earth were selected as representative of trends emerging from both the Asian and European fashion industries.

“Helsinki Airport presents a fascinating backdrop for the designers to showcase their work,” says Tuomas Laitinen, Fashion Director of SSAW Magazine, and one of Finland’s most influential fashionistas, who will be curating the show. “I am excited to be a part of bringing some of the hottest names in fashion to Helsinki in May.”

“The combined glamour of the fashion and travel industry share a long history. Air travel has long played a key role in setting the pace of fashion trends across the world,” says Johanna Jäkälä, Vice President, Brand, Marketing and Loyalty at Finnair.

“Fashion connects and inspires people, and we see this on a daily basis as we connect Europe and Asia with our flights.  With this fashion show, we want to celebrate the connections between Europe and Asia, and showcase the work of some of the hottest designers from these two continents.”


Finnair recently brought local Finnish fashion onboard with a new Wi-Fi enabled on-line clothing shop available to passengers flying on its new A350 aircraft.

The designers selected for this true and proper runway fashion show will be announced formally from March-April, and will be presented on the Match made in HEL campaign site.

The Match Made in HEL campaign by Finnair and Helsinki Airport, is also targeted at raising awareness of the airline and airport as partners providing smooth and fast connections for flights between Asia and Europe. To represent that speed, and the overall cool-factor of Finnair and Helsinki.

Finnair and HEL and Europe and Asia

Finnair currently flies to 17 Asian destinations and over 70 European destinations with Helsinki as the connector point. By summer 2016, Finnair will offer 77 weekly flights to Asia from Helsinki Airport.

Helsinki Airport has developed into a major transfer hub for Asia-Europe travel, by focusing on making connections convenient. The airport terminal is highly automated, easily traversed, well organised, and is designed for smooth and fast transfers.

Visitors will find a modern terminal, with many unique shops and restaurants, and places to rest or get some work done.

As Finnair expands its Asian traffic, Helsinki Airport will expand to support growing passenger flows.

To learn more about growth plans at Helsinki, read my one-on-one interview with Finavia CEO Kari Savolainen on Skift.

Marisa Garcia

After working for sixteen years in aviation, specializing in aircraft interiors design and aviation safety equipment, and getting hands-on with aircraft cabins in hangars around the world, Marisa Garcia turned her expertise into industry insight. She has been reporting on aviation matters since 2014. Every day, she's putting words to work.

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