Ryanair Brought More New Passengers to CPH Than Any Other Airline in 2015

Copenhagen Airport’s Annual Report shows that Ryanair has brought contributed more passenger numbers to growth at the airport than all other airlines, despite only commencing service in March of 2015 and despite Ryanair closing its Copenhagen base as a result of Danish labor union actions.

The report compares the passenger growth contribution of major carriers serving Copenhagen Airport.

European low-cost carriers flying to and from Kastrup contributed nearly 30% of passenger growth at the airport in 2015.

Ryanair contributed growth in excess of 350,000 passengers from March to December 2015, during its first year of operations out of the airport.

The second largest contributor to growth at the airport was Norwegian Air Shuttle with over 150,000 passengers. Norwegian also increased its contribution to growth at Kastrup by 7.2% over 2014.

easyJet passenger numbers at Copenhagen remained mostly unchanged, with a slight decline of 0,5% over 2014.

Source: CPH annual report 2015

“The total number of low-cost passengers at Copenhagen Airport grew by 16.3% with low-cost carriers having gained a market share of 28.2% at the end of the year (2014: 24.5%). The increase in market share was due particularly to a sharp rise in traffic for low-cost carriers operating from CPH Go. This growth comes primarily from Ryanair’s entry into Copenhagen Airport with a total of 15 routes,” the airport states.

Featured Image: Ryanair CEO, Michael O’Leary, speaking to the press in Copenhagen in February 2016. ©FCMedia


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