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SAS Brings Fresh Tastes Onboard

SAS Rolls Out ‘Fresh Bites’ Snacks for SAS Plus Passenger as an update to its snacks in-flight menus for SAS Plus passengers on routes within Scandinavia, and short-haul flights within Europe.

The new ‘Fresh Bites’ menu will be offered starting at the end of March and will complement the airline’s existing on-board menu which includes a traditional Scandiavian breakfast (fresh baked bread with cheese, butter and jam) on flights before 9 am, and a sweet or salty snack on later flights.

The new Fresh Bites meals are intended to be a fresh and healthy complement to the snack service.

Improved Passenger Experience

SAS says it is improving its food options on board as part of its entire on-board experience enhancement to especially appeal to the airline’s most frequent flyers.

“We are always striving to develop and improve our on board offering,” says Stephanie Smitt Lindberg, VP Customer Journey at SAS.

“Our frequent travelers have requested a light and healthy meal as a snack on short journeys. So we are now pleased to be able to offer them a fresh bite to eat, made using the best ingredients.”

There are two new Fresh Bites selections on offer: a new wrap sandwich, and a number of small but healthy dishes to help fuel SAS’ customers in a healthy way during their day of their travel.

“We have tested the products with the help of our frequent travelers and tailored the menus according to what they think works for shorter flights,” Lindberg says.

Fresh Bites menu selections and the wrap are rolled into the ticket price for SAS Plus tickets.

Customers holding SAS Go tickets can also buy the sandwich during snack trolley service for DKK 30, NOK 35, SEK 35 or EUR 4, USD 4.50.

Fresh Bites are only offered on flights up to 1 hour and 20 minutes in duration on inter-Scandinavian routes, on the majority of Swedish domestic routes, longer Norwegian domestic routes, as well as well as short-haul routes in Europe. The service may be unavailable on flights of short duration.

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