Heathrow Airport and Hong Kong International Airport Partner for Growth

Heathrow Airport and Hong Kong International Airport have signed a new partnership which will see the two global hubs sharing expertise to improve innovation, service, and sustainability.

This first of its kind collaboration will have the two airports sharing strategies for improving operations, achieving wold class service for passengers, and setting industry leading standards for environmental performance.


The airports cite existing similarities in their two operations which make them ideally matched for such collaboration: similar customer profiles, a global network of carrier customers which include major international home-based airlines, as well as substantial cargo and retail businesses.

Shared Solutions

“This relationship will see two of the world’s most successful hub airports working together to make our operations and service to passengers industry leading in every aspect,” Heathrow CEO, John Holland-Kaye.

“Heathrow has similar challenges and different skills to Hong Kong – this will be a great opportunity to draw the best out of each other to the benefit of our passengers, our communities and the environment,” Holland-Kaye added.

Growth at both airports is constrained by area available for expansion, and each is currently arguing the jobs and economic benefits of plans to expand airport facilities beyond existing limits.

“Our cooperation is poised to bring exciting opportunities for the two airports,” said Airport Authority Hong Kong CEO, Fred Lam. “By sharing experience and knowledge, we will bring even better airport experience for our passengers from all over the world.”

Representatives from the two airports will work together on specific projects to identify trends and market opportunities as well as to help shape industry standards. They will work on areas marked for improvement including airport operations, crisis planning, passenger service, the benefits of expansion, and future terminal design.


Marisa Garcia

After working for sixteen years in aviation, specializing in aircraft interiors design and aviation safety equipment, and getting hands-on with aircraft cabins in hangars around the world, Marisa Garcia turned her expertise into industry insight. She has been reporting on aviation matters since 2014. Every day, she's putting words to work.

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