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Seriously, JetBlue’s Brand Team is Not Napping on the Job

JetBlue has partnered with Arianna Huffington to promote good sleeping habits, but the airline is hardly snoozing.

I’ve recently written about JetBlue’s swift response to opportunities opening up in the market after the Virgin America sale to Alaska Airlines, and the airline keeps taking bold steps forward.

JetBlue partnered with Huffington to promote her new book–and her new mission to improve lives by promoting healthy rest habits–with a unique #SleepRevolution campaign.

It’s an obvious tie-in for brands promoting their rest products, but that is why it was so clever of JetBlue to get in on this message.

Getting in bed with an influencer of Arianna’s magnitude, and these sleeping products companies, to promote rest sends a message about JetBlue’s cabin products.

It also proves that the JetBlue branding team is wide awake..wide awake..not sleeping.

(Figuratively. I’m sure they are all taking Arianna’s good advice and catching adequate Zs).


Whoa! They’re not even flying Mint!

I saw one of these at AIX, used on a promotional stand. They seems like a great way to zone-out at the terminal.

Chris Nurko, Global Chairman of Futurebrand told me in a recent interview for Skift that JetBlue is now the one to watch.

Just keep watching–this feisty airline is sure to surprise again.

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