Japan Airlines has raised the bar on its Chef-inspired menus once again by applying great culinary skill to upgrade Kid’s meals from a side-menu afterthought to a positively delectable in-flight delight.


Starting on 29 April 2016, JAL will expand its “JAL BEDD SKY AUBERGE” restaurant-in-the-sky service on its services to North America, Europe, Oceania and Southeast Asia with new “BEDD for Kids” menus, developed by the airline’s star chefs.

Click to enlarge details:

These artistic and delectable menus will be served exclusively to children flying with JAL in First or Business Class on outbound international flights from Tokyo.

The first JAL gourmet child meal menu will be prepared by Chef Meiji Yamamoto, followed by the other new delicious and healthy Kids menus prepared by star chefs Yosuke Suga, Rumiko Kono and Chiara Yamada.

As an added treat, on flights from Japan to Honolulu and Guam, JAL will give kids age 2-12 the best AvGeek chopsticks EVER with the booking of an in-flight Kid’s meal.

The airplane attached to the case can be used as a chopstick rest while dining, and the tips of the chopsticks are jet engines. These are true ‘plane’ food game changers–open the hangar!

I expect JAL’s main problem will be convincing adults that they cannot pre-book Kids menus unless they’re travelling with kids.

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