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Day: 24 April 2016

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Etihad Airways Launches New App with a Bonus

Etihad Airways has announced the launch of a new mobile app for its customers intended to make air travel easier and more intuitive. To celebrate the app’s launch, the airline is offering guests 10% off flights, and an additional 250 […]

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User Friendly Guide to Buying/Selling Your Seat Manufacturing Company (not just Zodiac)

Rumours that Zodiac Aerospace may be looking for a buyer and that French aircraft engine maker Safran may be considering a buy is distressing to this writer.

It’s the type of roughs-shot opportunistic consolidation aviation is addicted to–and it needs to break the habit. Please allow me to share my thoughts and rant a little.

I’m going to mention things I don’t usually talk about, but in the interest of edification I’ll go into them now; with the clear caveat that none of what I say is particularly true of Zodiac, and anything that is true of Zodiac is also true of other players. I won’t say which is which.